2015, So Ready for You!!

Hello world,

2014 has been a very intense year. I feel so grateful for my beautiful family, friends and for all the blessings, experiences, lessons and new places this past year brought me to know.

From the deepest of my heart I wish anyone of you an amazing new year. We have 365 days- ok, 364 already- in front of us to live to the fullest, to fight for our values, to make our dreams come true and to improve ourselves day by day. We have an entire new year in front of us to smile, have a positive attitude towards life and try not to make big dramas  for things that, in the end, do not count that much.

We have an entire new year in front of us to be more generous with people around us. These years are being very challenging for many of us. The devastating economic crisis we are experiencing in many parts of the world, especially in Europe, is still making everyday many victims, who lose their jobs, or are sent out of their homes with their families. Many businesses shut down, and with them the self confidence of many honest and passionate men. Let’s be more generous from now on and let’s hope 2015 will be the raising year for real.

All my strength and energy to anyone of you!! Happy 2015!!

“Life is not about the values you seek, it’s about the values you stand for” – President Barack Obama. Amazing experience at the United Nations Headquarters

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