My F1 weekend in Austin.

The amazing Circuit of the Americas seen from the observation deck.

Hello world,

I had an amazing time in Austin. It was my first time on the Circuit of the Americas, pure emotion.

First of all let me say that Austin is an amazing city. I had already been in Texas for a couple of times to shoot, in Dallas, but this was my first time in this other city. Apart from the crazy atmosphere of the first night -we arrived on Halloween, and we were the only ones around that were not dressed up lol- the other days we enjoyed Downtown, with its beautiful and very clean streets, fact that everyone of us noticed.

We chatted with the local people -super friendly- and met the most famous Mexican free-taled bat colony in the world! 650.000, 1 million, 2 millions…everyone gave us a different number, it doesn’t matter, the important thing is that, I can swear, the colony is huuuge. Everyday at sunset they leave the Congress Bridge for Houston, eating mosquitos on their way in/back. In Winter they become picky and fly to Mexico. I didn’t know bats love tequila.

During the daytime I spent all the weekend on the paddock and lived the nerves and the concentration of the race from very close. Pilots, mechanics, TV reporters, managers, beautiful people, thousands of paparazzi…and tyres, tyres everwhere!! I learnt a lot about this fascinating world, I can definitely say I discovered a new sporty passion <img src="https://s

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