At my first EPrix.

Hello world,

I had so much fun at the Fia Formula E Championship this weekend. You already know that I am a race-fan. 5th race of this championship, 1st one in USA. Not bad to have the amazing skyline of Miami in the background. I couldn’t miss it.

Famous faces around, many friends, pilots, glamour, pre-race tensions and strategies…I loved it.

Many people compare this championship to F1. And I would say it is a mistake. It would be like comparing tennis to paddel. They are different. Different car and performances, different circuits (urban environments for FE), and above all, a complete different concept, that diverts the attention of people, industries and engineers towards greener energy resources from fossils fuel.

Formula E is the first of its kind. I am so happy I had the chance to live it from very close. I am sure it will turn into something very big.

Félicitations à Nico Prost et à E.dams Renault pour leur victoire!

Next EPrix will be on April 4th in Long Beach. Who is gonna be there?

A special Thank You to Josep Lluis Merlos and Jaume Sallares for the amazing experience.

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