Hello world,

Many things have happen since my last post.

My last weeks in Miami were full of work, that full, that I had to delay my planned return to Barcelona.

I shot till the last day, of course, with my usual wake-up calls ranging from 5am to 6am, depending on the day. I packed on an entire Friday night after the last shooting. Can you imagine just even for a moment the huge quantity of stuff a model can bring with her for months spent away?! I locked the 3rd super case at 3am, and ‘fell asleep’ with the nightmare of not hearing the wake-up call to leave for Miami airport.

After stepping out Barcelona El Prat airport I was already imagining me in RECOVER-ON mode. Rest. SLEEP. Unpack the luggage in peace, organize our famouse Poker afternoons with our friends, welcome my family to Costa Brava, and just spend hours watching the sea from my window.

Well said. I was imagining myself. In my mind.

I was boarding a flight to Romania only a few days after, still jet lagged from the other coast. Of the ocean lol. Some days in Bucarest to shoot a new TV commercial -amazing production, directed by Eugenio Recuenco-, followed by, in order: hosting of the international Huaweii Ceremony in Barcelona -in English, could have been worse, always better than Mandarin-, trip to Navarra for another TV commercial for Mexico, a couple of days in Barcelona to end the production in question, another tv commercial for Spain and Andorra shot in Barcelona, shoot of the new Fall-Winter campaign of an international fashion brand, shot of another fashion story in Cadaquès -amazing place, in Costa Brava, I strongly recommend-, and shoot of a new fashion editorial that will be out in September. All this in less than one month.

Zanchi for PResident? Not really. My body started to complain. A terrible eye-ache that didn’t seem to want to go away, forced me to slow down a little. Always good to listen to your body

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