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In spite of the fact I love my job and I could work 24h a day, I have to admit that sometimes it is nice to wake up with no hurry, cuddle and say ‘Buongiorno’ to my little Giulio and to start the day with a good healthy breakfast. Not bad, not bad at all!

This is my sweet moment of the day and I love it. This doesn’t mean you can eat whatever and how much you want. Always bear in mind you have to eat what you need, give your body what it really needs, not a crumb more. We have to learn to listen to our body. I think this is the secret to keep fit and always feel good.

"Renata Zanchi - November 2012"
Renata Zanchi - November 2012

Carbohydrates, proteins and good fats must be good balanced at all our meals, especially at breakfast, and, in my case, at second breakfast! Yes, I usually have a first, bigger breakfast after waking up and a small one later, after 2-3 hours, when I start to feel hungry, but it is not time for lunch yet. This is even more meaningful if you think that we usually wake up very early when we shoot, at 6am, 5am, sometimes even earlier…it is important to eat something during the morning: not to feel too hungry at lunchtime, to give your body further energy and boost metabolism. Concerning to this, it is proved that the most important thing is not to leave your stomach empty and without working for a long time. Eat small quantity of food at regular intervals is the most important habit to follow.

For my first breakfast I usually have a probiotic drink, wholemeal cereals/Biscuits and coffee milk. If you -like me- are allergic to lactose or you simply do not feel well when you drink milk –even if skimmed- try to substitute it with almonds milk. I love it: light, healthy, and very tasteful! Actually you don’t need to add sugar in your coffee, it gets sweet enough. Later, the small break could be a large piece of fruit/a fresh fruit juice or a cereal snack or a low fat yoghurt, for example.

"Renata Zanchi - November 2012"
Renata Zanchi - November 2012

Another rule: determination and willpower!! Everybody can eat well!! When I travel I stay away from attractive buffets and all the tasty and grease food they offer. 99% of the times they are ‘bad’ fats that do not give you the right energy to face the day. Fruits, yoghurt & cereals are on the contrary always a good option, together with a huge cup of black, hot and sugar-free coffee. Real Italians drink coffee like this 🙂 !! I mean, stronger is impossible 😉

I hope my post of today satisfied your curiosity. I like that you write to me and ask me things, you give me new ideas for my posts and there is nothing that I love more than having an interactive blog 😉 🙂

These pictures I publish today are new shots by great Ph. Ferran Casanova. I simply love them.

Renata Zanchi - November 2012
Renata Zanchi - November 2012



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