"In Brickell...feeling soooo small!! Wow!!"

Live from Miami.

Hello world,

My days in the States are being very busy. It is full season here, and after arriving I immediately started to work. My first shooting of my American season was in Tampa, where I flew the following day right after landing in Miami, in full ‘+10 hours flight recovering process’. You know…flying completely jet-lagged, still speaking Spanglish, with only one eye open and the other one on strike…this kind of things.

"Shooting in Tampa."
Shooting in Tampa.

After these two days of production it was the time for Fort Lauderdale, a popular tourist destination on the Atlantic coast of Florida, also known as the “Venice of America” because of its expansive and intricate canal system. So nice to see a little piece of my home country there…Italian heart ♥…If you love fishing and water sports this is definitely your place.

"Lion Hair in Tampa. Shooting. "
Lion Hair in Tampa. Shooting.

The first thing that impacts you when you arrive in Florida is its climate. All over the States it is very cold right now –not to talk about Europe- and many flights are being cancelled due to snowstorms and fog. Well, I am sorry to tell you that here in Miami the biggest dilemma of the day is choosing between wearing a little skirt or a pair of shorts. It is extremely sunny and hot here, with temperatures that browse around 77-86 Fahrenheit (25-30 Celsius). Miami Beach is usually only a little bit windy, because of its geographical location, but in the end this is perhaps better, not to feel too hot during the day. The sun is tropical and very strong here. As you can imagine, the SPF 50 has become my best friend.

"Getting ready for our shooting in Coconut Grove."
Getting ready for our shooting in Coconut Grove.
"Enjoying the sun after shooting. #CoconutGrove"
Enjoying the sun after shooting. #CoconutGrove

Miami is one of the richest cities of the US, and the world’s 5th richest city in terms of purchasing power: here come investments from all over the world, especially from the near Latin America, and many international world-wide companies have their headquarters in Brickell, the famous financial district of the city. Its skyscrapers and huge full-facilities buildings welcome financial institutions, banks…and many international artists, such as J-Lo or Lady Gaga!! Miami is one of the most important cities in the world for fashion, music, art and entertainment. Some upcoming events? The famous Miami International Boat Show, that will take place next week or, if you love music, the Winter Music Conference, that will take place in March. For a whole week the city is going to turn into a huge open air disco, with electronic music playing 24H a day and deejays coming from all over the world to perform.

"In Brickell...feeling soooo small!! Wow!!"
In Brickell...feeling soooo small!! Wow!!

But Miami is not only the city of party and nightlife. Forbes magazine ranked it “America’s Cleanest City”, for its year-round good air quality, vast green spaces, clean drinking water, clean streets and city-wide recycling programs. You can have a great quality of live here. The other day I woke-up very early in the morning to reach our location of the day -Coconut Grove- and left home around 5,30am. Well…there were young foreigners coming back home from a loooong dancing night –and some extra drinks I would say :-)) – mixed with local people getting ready for their daily one hour jogging. Everybody practices sports here, at any time of the day and of the night. Absolutely something we should copy in Europe 😉

"Yesterday. A weekend of sun in Venice Isle."
Yesterday. A weekend of sun in Venice Isle.

As New York, Miami is another melting pot, with people coming from all over the world. I am practicing all the languages I studied during all my life. And I feel at home many times, since I already met many Italians living here. And last, but not least, Miami is nicknamed the “Capital of Latin America”, with a Cuban-American plurality and a big Spanish-speaking community, especially concentrated in Little Habana. Así que…para los Españoles que aun no hablan bien Ingles…no problem guys!! 😉

"Miami Vice is not not anymore only on TV. They got me!"
Miami Vice is not not anymore only on TV. They got me!

A huge hug from Miami for all of you.



"The beautiful Skyline of Miami Bay. "
The beautiful Skyline of Miami Bay.

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