Introducing MisLupitas!

Hello world,

Can you imagine your life without weekend?!? I can’t. Honestly. This is even worse than imagining my mornings without Nespresso. God bless the man who invented it!!

Do you already have plans? I still haven’t decided what to do. I just feel like sitting on the terrace with my usual huge cup of green tea, cuddling Giulio, listening to music and enjoying the sun while writing a post. That’s a good way to start my weekend, isn’t it?!?

Today I received my fancy Lupitas!!! I’m so excited for my new connectors!! This means that from now on I won’t waste half an hour a day to look for my sunglasses before going out!! Do you already know them? Take a look at (you can shop online and you get free delivery throughout Spain 😉 ).

I love them: useful and stylish! They have already become part of my personal style. The best thing of all is that you can play with them and always choose different ones depending on your look of the day. All Lupitas are handmade and you can make your own ones by choosing the cord color as well as bead combinations.

I leave you some pictures of my favorite Lupitas: the canvas ones are perfect for summer and for a day on the beach. For a more urban style I prefer the black leather ones. I’m looking forward to trying all of them!

When I told my friends about MisLupitas they all went crazy about them and shopped them online too. So you know…Half Barcelona will wear them @ castings!! 🙂 😉

I send a big hug to anyone of you and wish you an amazing weekend. Enjoy it!


Renata Zanchi - MisLupitas 3

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