The shopping jungle

Hello world,

I have just realized I haven’t gone shopping for a long time. Nowadays you can shop almost all brands online, even during sales, and this is an amazing revolution, especially if you are always in a hurry. Online shopping as become my last addiction actually ;-).

But it’s time to go back to the origins!! You know, I want to feel proud when looking at my last purchases; I want to feel that I deserved them, that I sweated to get them! Siiiiii, welcome back to the fights for the last article on the hanger (as in Sex and the City! Do you remember Charlotte fighting for her wedding dress?!? 🙂 ) – , and to the never-ending lines at the fitting rooms! Not to talk about the hours spent at the cash registers.

I have two targets for my next shopping day: 1) Joggers trousers! They are definitely back! I love their versatility: sporty if worn with gym shoese+T-Shirt, super sexy and elegant with high hills and a top. 2) A blazer. I’ll opt for a pastel color, the trend of this season. I love wearing it with a t-shirt underneath, inside your jeans. Casual but elegant at the same time.
So dear friends…I’ll let you know about my shopping time…Looking forward to trying half store!!

Enjoy the pictures of today! They are from one of my last shootings with super photographer @Honeygueco. This beautiful dress by Santos Lopez (@Santoscostura). Many thanks also to Carmina Camps (Make up & Hair) and Nacho Marti (Stylist).

Which picture do you prefer?

Renata Zanchi shooted by Honey Gueco. Dresses by Santos Costura

Tanti baci a tutti.

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