A dream come true.

Hello world,

During my trip to Las Vegas I had the opportunity to turn one of my dreams into reality.

There is something magical about the Grand Canyon. I cannot say if for its colors, for its magnitude, or for the fact of watching thousands of western movies during my childhood and dreaming about this lost piece of heaven that I would have loved to see one day. I just know that sitting on a rock, staring at the miracles of nature and surrounded by silence, I found all my answers.

Someone of you told me on Instagram that Native Americans used to listen to the voice of the wind. Peace was granted them by The Great Spirit Manitou that purified their souls. Well…dear Great Spirit Manitou…It was very nice to meet you ♥

I could stay lost in that moment forever

“I could stay lost in that moment forever”

Another first of my trip to Nevada was the Helicopter. Yes

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