My holidays in Toscana.

Hello world,

Being surrounded by trees and fields, breathing fresh air and smelling flowery honey perfumes is priceless. Far away from any kind of glamour -and WiFi signal- I am writing my next post. Good morning from Tuscany.

Yes, finally back to my home country and finally on vacation! Sounds unreal.

Cicadas singing, cows and horses walking around, rabbits escaping Giulio’s too warm affection and Giulio being played by too smart wild cats. This is the panorama of my new country life.

If you will ever have the chance to come to Maremma in the future, be sure you will take the time to enjoy a nice glass of white wine in Capalbio, visit the Tufo villages of Pitigliano, Sorano and Sovana, explore the necropolis of Tarquinia, visit Manciano and Magliano, have an ice cream in Porto Santo Stefano and Porto Ercole, enjoy the breathtaking atmosphere of Talamone, and find out the underground caves of Orvieto, in Umbria. You can’t miss St Patrick well, jewel of XVI century engineering.

Not all that shines is gold anyway. As I told you already, asking for a good wifi signal here is like asking for a miracle. In spite of the fact any bar or restaurant you go tells you they have free wifi access for clients, you realize -usually too late, already with a creamy cappuccino on the table- that internet is an illusion. One day for the weather, one for the mountains, one for a failure, and one because -are you ready?- “In Tuscany Internet works like this†and bye bye twitter, Instagram and social life.

In Italy in general I also note it is still little hard to pay by credit cards, even at museums, for trips, at bars, etc. Why is it so difficult for us Italians to evolve, accept changes and get used to new things? Honestly, it is something I cannot understand. A touristic destination, in 2015, should be equipped for cards payment EVERYWHERE, even on the beach for your umbrella. Are you with me? Or am I turning too much American? Lol.

I hope you all had time to relax and enjoy your families, on the mountains, in the city or at the seaside. It doesn’t matter where, as I always say, the important thing is the good company xxx


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