Hello world,

I can’t pretend that everything is going fine and ignore the facts of these last weeks. I’m worried about the future of my country -Italy- of Europe and of my world, the world to which I always address my posts.
I’m angry. I’m angry about all the young and smart people I meet every day, with a brilliant background, intellectual or professional.  In certain cases, they have made big efforts to get a good profile, spent a lot of money on books or professional courses, attended language classes, got degrees, certificates, masters, etc and now, at the end of their carrier, at the best stage and age of their working life, they can’t find an equal job. I’m angry about the people that have waited months to get a medical examination and when they finally reach the hospital, they find it closed. I am angry about the cuts in the sanitary system. Angry, very angry about our financial and political system, that allows sending thousands of people on the streets because unable to pay their debts. And after losing their house, they have to go on paying. Angry because many small-medium companies have closed, are closing or are fighting with all their energies to survive the lack of finance granted by the banks.
I would like to point out that there is no political trend in my words: these problems are part of our reality that affects any of us, independently of our political support.
Let’s resume: I’m angry and worried about our uncertain future. Beppe Grillo published an interesting tweet today, the future seen by a 13 years old boy: ‘I don’t want to study anymore. I like studying, but it’s useless. It isn’t worth the trouble’. No, it can’t be like this! We have to go on studying and improving, for our brain, for our health and our future!!
I’m impressed: many friends of mine are leaving. And many have left already. To Argentina, Asia, Brazil, Thailand. They have left for ever, with the idea to start from zero somewhere else. How can it be that people find themselves forced to leave to get an opportunity? Leaving can be a solution, of course, but it can’t be the only one. This is so sad. I’m also an immigrant, and change your life and start from zero is difficult, not only for practical reasons (new culture, new friends, no family, etc) but also for economic reasons: you need money, a place to stay for the first weeks, etc.
Our countries are full of motivated and brilliant professionals, students, doctors, teachers, artists, businessmen, technicians, etc etc etc. Please, don’t let them go away.
Our countries deserve to get better and our people deserve to get an opportunity.
I really hope that our reality will improve soon.  I hope that our governments and our politicians will react soon, with effective facts and laws studied to reduce the unemployment and give confidence to the people.
My thoughts go to all the families facing a difficult situation.

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