The models’ beauty case

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Many people asked me what models’ beauty secrets are, if we have some must-have products or creams that are never missing in our bag. So, here you have it! The topic of my post of today: the models’ beauty case.

I already told you that models always opt for a very simple and natural look when they go to castings. One of the most important things for us is to have a good skin. Your make up will be much better and you will be much more beautiful if you have a healthy, bright and clean skin. So, no wonder we care a lot about it! The most important thing to do to get a good skin is the cleaning.  This is the most important gesture! Starting from the morning: I wash my face with a specific deep cleansing foam or gel. It’s very important to choose the right product: my skin, for example, is mixed, that’s why I opt for products that give power over shine, imperfections and dryness. A good line for my skin type is Shiseido Pureness. Of the same line, I also use a balancing softener alcohol –free (this point is very important, since alcohol dries your skin!) lotion: some drops on a cotton pad and there you have it! One of my secrets: I always complete my cleaning by spraying Thermal Water on my face and then dry it with a cotton pad. I love Avène. Thermal water is important, since removes the limestone of the water from the skin.

So, let’s resume: cleansing foam or gel + thermal water + toner. After this, your skin is ready for serums and creams. The serum must always be applied on clean skin, before your moisturizer. I alternate an oxygen (Thalgo) with a recovery one (Estee Lauder). It’s important to change the type of cream and serums every now and then, so that your skin doesn’t get used to the same minerals and vitamins. (The same thing for the toothpaste J). The final touch is the face/eye moisturizer. Actually I’m using the Hydro stabilizing cream by Natura Bissé, but Hidramax (Chanel) is also an excellent product, even if  maybe better for dry skin. Ah! Another good cream for dry skin: if you live in France or are planning to travel to la ville de l’amour, you can’t come back without a cream that is a real must-have of any make-up artist: le lait crème Embryolisse. A neutral cream that you can find at any pharmacy. Cheap and perfect as pre-foundation cream. One last thing: don’t forget to opt for a cream with sun protection in Summer. The eye moisturizer is important to erase dark circles, puffiness and small lines of expressions. I’ve just started to use a new one by Natura Bissé. But also Clarins, Sisley or Prairie make very good products. Don’t forget that lips also need to be moisturized. Eight Hours cream by Elizabeth Arden is always in any models’ bag. But if you leave in Spain, a good option is Biopel: it’s more or less the same as the Eight Hours, you can buy it at any pharmacy and is 3 times less expensive 🙂 .

Essential oils for face are also good options, but don’t forget to choose a specific one, according to your skin type. Forget Aloe Vera if you have grease-oily skin.

Do you think it’s over? Dream my friends, dream…

Twice a week I make a good peeling. Kiko makes wipes that I find very effective: on one side they ensure a gentle exfoliation and on the other they hydrate your skin. They contain Alpha hydroxyl acids and Vitamin E. Or if you have time and fell like experimenting something new, you can try this ‘homemade’ peeling by Renata J: one teaspoon brown sugar, 2 teaspoons of honey. Mix all together and apply on your face with GENTLE movements. Wait for 5 minutes and then wash it away with warm water. The result is incredible! You will let me know…

Once a month I recommend a professional cleaning or treatment. Not only for the beauty of our skin, but also for your mind and soul!

Finally, don’t forget that our skin can be cared also from inside: drinking a lot of water and take some vitamins can also help. I’ll reveal another little secret: every morning I eat a little piece of yeast. Oooooook, I know it’s disgusting. But it’s a concentrate of vitamins, especially vitamin B, important to get good skin, hair and nailsJ. Did you know it? Anyway, you can also find it in pills. Once again, at the pharmacy!

Do you still think that being beautiful doesn’t require any effort? Next joke please.

I hope that you found this post if interest and useful.

Please, if you have any suggestions or little secrets to reveal…write to me! I’ll be glad to read all your messages and find out all your favourite products and  homemade treatments 🙂 .



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