‘Jack…I’m flying!!!’

Hello world,

Titanic is on TV!!! I remember when I first saw it. I was about 15 and I remember being at school, discussing with my friends –absolutely ALL girls- about the best zooms on Leonardo’s eyes. We were all completely in love with him. The nicest moment of all was when the first girl among us who had gone to the cinema–Monica was her name- said: ‘You have to go to the cinema and watch this movie, incredible; I cried soooo much, I was so sad, didn’t want Leonardo to die’. OMG, I would have killed her. You can’t reveal the end of a movie, especially of a movie like this, it’s illegal, come on!!! As an authentic romantic Italian girl I saw Titanic 4 times in a week, with my friends, everyone tried to remember the maximum number of details, it was our little competition. So innocent!

I’m in Madrid, where I’m going to stay almost all the week. We worked all day long, I feel a little bit tired, I arrived this morning from Barcelona and woke up quite early. But in spite of this, I feel fine, satisfied and completely happy. This is the best reward. There is no price for that. I found a great team here that makes me feel comfortable and at ease: in spite of the fact that the TV world is something completely new to me, they made everything extremely easy. I’m very happy about the experience that I’m leaving. I feel grateful to life for giving me this opportunity. I love talking in front of the camera. It’s fascinating thinking that on the other side of this ‘squared black box’ can be 1, 2, 300, 1 million or X people. It’s fascinating watching the studio in the morning, empty, silent, with all its lights off and then watching it alive, with all its colors, lights, sounds, all its energy in progress. I love this sensation.

What I would like to tell you in my post of today is that you have to keep on fighting for what you really want. It can be difficult; sometimes it seems that what want never arrives. I remember already telling you in one of my first posts: I believe in constancy and in patience; one day, if you work well and in a clever way, you will reach your goal. Nothing is easy in this life. Actually, life itself is not easy at all. Opportunities don’t knock on your door. You have to go out and look for your own ones. We all have the right and the duty to follow our curiosity and our passions.

Leonardo has just seen Rose and fell in love in 5 seconds. Who said that love at first sight doesn’t exist?!?  I think I’ll go watching the movie. For the 5th time, OMG!!

A big hug from Madrid dear friends. Thanks for reading me. I love you all.


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