The new trends from Cibeles!

Hello world,

This week took advantage of a half free day I had in Madrid to find out all the trends for next summer 2012. I crossed the doors of Cibeles and entered into the glamorous world of the Madrid fashion week. I went back to my origins and my beginnings, when I was still a child, leaving my books for a couple of hours to turn into a real model, wearing high hills and heavy make-up, walking in a resolute and strong way on the runway. I was 15 years old when I started. I was in Milano. I still remember my first show: it was for Swish Jeans, and my brother Roberto was among the public to support me. We laughed soooo much: when I reached him after the show with still my hair and make-up done he screamed: ‘Noooooo, non ci credo…eri tu?!?!’ (Translation: ‘Nooooo I can’t believe, was it you?!?!?).  En fin: he didn’t recognize me on the catwalk and thought he had gone to the wrong show.

I saw myself with my 15 years among the models that were there. Gorgeous girls from all over the world, ready to do their best on the catwalk. Strong and serious expressions that anyway couldn’t hide their innocence and youth. It’s always a pleasure to feel the glamour, the nerves and the general  atmosphere of a fashion week. Many hours of hard work ready to be presented in 15-20 minutes, through an entire collection. Everything must be perfect, even the smallest detail. Nothing can go wrong.

I’m very happy about the trends that have been presented during this fashion week.  I can’t wait for next summer to arrive!! This sounds a little bit strange: in Barcelona there are still 28 degrees and people swimming in the sea…sometimes I forget how lucky I am to live in a city like this, if I think that in Milano is already raining and cold,…aiuto!! Anyway, let’s get to the point: here the trends for the next season: strong and brilliant colors (coral and acid tones like lemon yellow, mint green, lilac, but also baby rose); white, (including the  everlasting presence of black and white opposition) and sand colors; light and fluffy fabrics (such as gauze and linen). Fresh looks in general, comfortable summer dresses, (the ones I prefer are the ‘one shoulder’ ones, I find them very elegant and feminine, and fit perfectly everybody). Surfer style will also come back next Summer, so don’t get rid of your flowers shirts and shorts:):).

Anyway, as I always say, I’m a strong defender of what I call common sense + personal style and taste. Don’t you think that the best thing ever would be reinterpret fashion proposals of the designers and create your personal style and personal fashion identity?

Un bacione a tutti e a presto.


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