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Finally during these days I had the time to go to the supermarket + full the fridge (you should see its transformation, the before and after, the cashier of the supermarket couldn’t believe somebody could buy ALL THAT in half an hour), go to the gym+complete training (spa included) and go for a walk with my little baby Giulio (you remember I have a little dog right?).
My last jobs have been so concentrated ‘timing’ speaking, that I felt like George Clooney in Up in the Air! Looking the world from above…Ah, I love that feeling!
In Germany I had a 2 days shot for an American client. I was so excited of flying there! I love German! I shot in a huge studio in Hannover, with many people and models from all over the world working at the same time on different projects. It was nice to meet at make-up room or during lunch time and chat together. The first night I opted for a quite night at the hotel. I felt like relaxing, and even if I was hungry I didn’t feel like going out for dinner. I just wanted to eat something light and healthy and watch a movie to recharge the batteries for the next day. Guess what I opted for: a huge salad (German style) with absolutely EVERYTHING, including 2 fresh and crunchy…cucumbers!! OMG!! I couldn’t believe the news the following days, I didn’t know if laughing of crying!! Maybe a Frankfurt would have been healthier?!? 🙂
I had 2 quite long days in Hannover and after many changes I was a little tired at the end of the job. But when I saw the client smiling while looking at my pictures and all the team happy…my tiredness disappeared in one second. This was the biggest reward ever.
On the same Friday night I flew to Milan, I had a friend wedding, Mum’s birthday and an important meeting on Monday morning. I landed in Barcelona on Monday afternoon, ready for my job of the following day, the new TV commercial for Pacha fragrance. I had so much fun, especially when we shot the graphic campaign and on the 2nd day, when we shot during the night!! Can you imagine? Coffee→shooting→coffee→shooting. Can’t wait to see it! I met very nice people at the job and send a big kiss to all from here!

The sky is grey in Barcelona…I’ll stay home and read more about Twitter. Do you all already have an account?! I’m quite curious about that, I want to become an expert!!

Big hug to all from the raining Barcelona.

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