Ireland, I’m coming!

Hello world,

My last job in Madrid for El Corte Ingles was amazing. Part of the shooting was with a beautiful little white dog (also quite famous, the owner told me he had shot ColaCao the previous week, he was the real star of the day, I was quite jealous actually:-)). The dog was also model, I mean, there is an agency for animals, can you believe that? I’m so excited about that, I want to bring Giulio there:-). I’m sure he would be a great actor!! You should see how he acts when he wants our food. Anyway, El Corte Ingles is a very important client here in Spain, it’s the biggest Spanish department store and was very happy to have the opportunity to work with them. I had so much fun with all the team –especially during our Daikiri time at Zara restaurant after the job, thank you very much to all!! During this last trip I also had the time for a little walk in the centre of the famous district of Salamanca, watch the beautiful shops and the beautifully dressed people of the centre, I really felt the atmosphere of a capital.

After my arrival back home I still couldn’t find a minute to relax. One of my best friends here in the city is getting married this month and we are organizing here pre-marriage party. We are going to have fun, for sure, I still can’t tell you what we have in mind (maybe she reads this article), but it will be great!!! The only thing is that sometimes getting agreements with 18 girls spread out all over the world is not easy(especially if you consider that more than half of them are BLONDE), I mean, you write an email in copy to 17 people and in 3 minutes you get 54 replies, I mean, you can get crazy about that!!! But this is also part of the fun!!

It’s 11pm now, Giulio is sleeping on the sofa and guess he still hasn’t realized there is my big pink Hello Kitty case in the living room waiting for me. Yeah, I’m leaving again tomorrow and I’ll have to wake up at 4.30, I have my first plane very early in the morning. Next destination? BCN→PARIS and then…PARIS→SHANNON, IRELAND! I’m so excited, I have never been to Ireland before, I have the feeling that I’ll find out a great culture and a great landscape. Can’t wait!! I’m going to shoot 4 days for a French magazine there. All the team is French ! Je vais parler Français, mais bien sûr!!
Can you believe if I tell you I still haven’t packed my case? I have NO IDEA about what to carry with me. I’m getting used to the sun and the hot of Spain, I can’t imagine of flying to a colder place now. It’s a strange feeling. The last time I wore a sweatshirt…I mean…it was maybe…4 months ago?! dkjfkldsmflksdjl
I’ll tell you everything about my trip as soon as I come back. I’ll bring my camera with me, I’ll try to create a nice reportage:-). I’ll go tourist!!!!

I wish a great weekend to all, enjoy yourself and take care.


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