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Hello world,

I had a strange reaction the other day, when I saw we were more than 7.000 on my Facebook Fanpage: first of all, I stared at the screen for an undefined amount of minutes – I guess between 5 and 15, but I’m not sure about that, I was so shocked that I completely lost the sense of time – trying to realize if the black number in front of my eyes was true or result of my imagination. After realizing it was true, a mix of feelings rose inside of me: happiness, nervousness, excitement and euphoria. I guess you are wondering why I said I had a strange reaction, since till now everything seems normal. OK. You judge: I couldn’t stop jumping for joy and sing ‘Moves like Jagger’. Admit it’s a little strange. Even Giulio started to bark and run from one point of the house to the other (I guess it is the Chihuahua way to celebrate these kinds of events, or at least I hope, otherwise it means my puppy has turned completely crazy).

You made me the best present and artist can ever dream of. I feel so proud of all of you. From the very deep of my heart thank you thank you thank you!! I’ll never get tired of repeating these two simple words. All this could never be possible without you.

I leave you the link to one of my latest videos. I named it ‘Simply me’. I hope you like it and that through it you can know me a little bit better. I had already published it some days ago on my pages, so probably many of you have already seen it, but for those who still haven’t…:

Renata ZanchiRenata Zanchi

A big kiss from here to sweet Ana Larruy, the phenomenon photographer/camera girl that helped me in this project. I have no doubt a brilliant career is waiting for her.

I have to go dear friends. In some hours I’ll be flying to the Balearics for a German client and still need to pack my case. After this job I’ll fly to Madrid to attend an important Gala in the capital. I can’t wait to show you the look I chose on the occasion! As I already promised someone of you I’ll post some pictures on Twitter 😉

I would love to hug anyone of you personally… 🙁 …In the meantime, I’ll try to be satisfied with a cybernetic/flying hug 🙂

Hug 1…hug2…Hug3…Hug4…Hug5……………………………………………………………Hug 7.000…+…:-)

Love you all.


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