Home Sweet Home

Hello world,

Because of the quirks of the weather (sunny→cloudy→sunny→windy→cloudy…I guess next will be →sunny again) I have no other option than staying at home and relaxing with a good book, watching a movie and surfing the net. This makes even more sense if you think that I spent all my morning at the gym and when I came back home I could hardly stand up. No comment.

Anyway, I guess I won’t get bored at home today: I have a huge tower of dishes waiting to be done, have to vacuum the carpet and go to the supermarket before 9pm. Time by which I’ll start to prepare dinner. I’m sure that if I investigated through my genealogical tree I would find out that Cinderella was one of my ancestors. Anyway, it’s 6.30 pm already, if you think well I even haven’t got so much time to waste.

Soon I’ll have real days of fire, so I’d better take advantage of these last ‘home sweet home’ days. I anticipate you I’m working on a little surprise for all of you…I am so excited!! Can’t wait to show you 🙂

Bye bye world, have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy…and take care 😉



PS. What did I tell you?!? It’s sunny again. No way.

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