So glamourous!

Hello world,

I have just arrived home and want to tell you everything about the amazing day I had today. We were shooting an editorial for Glamour magazine. 6 girls, coming from all parts of the world, a real melting pot: Czech Republic, Spain, Finland and of course, Italy!! Meeting in the morning at 9:30 (today I could sleep, I had what in Italian you would say ‘una sveglia onesta’ = an honest alarm clock!) at Conde Nast, jump inside the van to reach our location.

It was a wonderful sunny day in Barcelona and between a shoot and another we also had the time to sunbathe.

After arriving there and having a good, strong, waking-up coffee we started with the transformation session: make- up and hair. Monica and Marina made miracles and made us absolutely gorgeous!! While I was waiting for my ‘transformation turn’ I was looking at some magazine…and what do I find there? One of my latest campaigns. It has come out, finally! If you want to have a look at it, you can go to (or buy the Cuore magazine  of this week). By the way…have I already told you to have a look at You can see the new summer 2011 pictures, spot, making off, etc. As always, I’ll publish everything on my facebook professional page as soon as I get them scanned.

You always feel a sense of satisfaction when one of your jobs comes out. Especially when you think about all the hard work that is always behind a beautiful face and body. Photographers, make-up artists, stylists, assistants, drivers, post production, etc.  A huge machine that cared about the tiniest detail to reach the perfection. You always see the final result, a beautiful picture, with gorgeous models posing, maybe in the sun, looking happy, relaxed …and maybe at the location there were -2 that day, the heating broke, one model had temperature and the other had just arrived directly from another session  and had slept only 4 hours. Or the funniest things of all: you arrive to a location and you realize that all shoes are 38…when of course you have a 40! I bet that any model can tell you that this has happened at least once in her carrier!

I hope you like my latest jobs.

A big hug from Barcelona to everybody.


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