Hello World

The truth is, I never wrote about me before.

When I first thought about writing a blog, I mean, my blog, in my head I had the typical “ITALIAN-BLONDE” first reaction: “COOSAA?! Writing a WHAAT?”. Then I stopped and realized how fascinating and powerful that could have been: sharing my life maybe only with myself…or maybe not, with the world.

Yes, I’m going to speak, and I’m going to do that to you, world, and even if I know it won’t be easy, I promise you I’ll try to do that in the humblest and best way I can.

My struggles, my disappointments and my victories…simply my life…simply me.

Dedicated to all those people who like me made of fashion their passion, their job, their world and their life.

To my family, for teaching me the meaning of honesty, sacrifice and to fight for what you want. I’ll never give up.

To my Principe – you know who you are- for your never-ending love and support under all circumstances.

And last -but not least- to all my team, for their constancy and their everyday work. Thank you for making my dream come true.

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  1. ..poco da dire..sai gia tutto quello che penso di te, ancora una volta orgoglioso e felice d essere tuo amico!!
    miss you!

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