I love my job

I so much love my job…that it even doesn’t seem to me to be working.

I started when I was very young, by chance. My older brothers wanted to earn some extra money during their studying and were looking for an agency in Milan, you know, to do some jobs every now and then. I remember it was summertime and had no school, so one day I decided to go with them. They went to get information from many agencies in the city. The answer was always the same: “Of course guys you can work and we will do great things together but also…who’s that blonde girls behind you? Is she here with you?”. I even couldn’t imagine how my life would have changed from that moment on. I was 15 years old, I was sitting on the sofa of one of the biggest and most famous agencies in the international fashion business and until that moment had no idea of what modeling meant. I even hadn’t entered an airport before.
Two weeks later, Me and Mum had our seats on a plane directed to Stromboli -Sicily -for my first editorial, the first of what later would have turned out to be a veeeery long list…but the first job is always the first…I’ll never forget it: Grazia. I arrived there with a big smile, full of enthusiasm and curiosity. Since that day, many years have passed and the list of jobs has increased a lot, not only for the editorial market, both national and international (Vogue, Marieclaire, Elle, Glamour, Flair, among others), but also big campaigns, both press/TV (Germano Zama, Samsung, Nokia, Revlon, Pupa make up, etc). I travelled a lot, got in touch with different cultures, practiced my languages, lived outside of my home country many months and saw places I even couldn’t imagine existed.
My mind widened, my horizon changed. My house was and is the world now.

Modeling is the greatest experience that could happen to you. But as everything in this world, all that glitters isn’t gold!! You have to be strong, very strong, and confident.

I would like my blog to be useful to all those girls who would like to start this carrier but maybe don’t know how to do that and need some advices, or simply I would like it to give an answer to all your questions and curiosities about our job: ‘Do they give you the clothes??’ ‘What do you models eat??’ etc etc.

I have to leave you for today. I have a plane to take…to Palma de Mallorca.

Kisses from Barcelona world.

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