Renata Zanchi- Metamorphosis in progress in Milano

Thyme addicted

Hello world,

Ok. I admit: I’m not #superwoman at all. If there is one thing that I hate is getting sick on weekends.  I have been in bed since last Sunday and this is completely unfair. I can’t breathe and my eyes keep on crying. It’s quite funny though. Giulio looks at me in a strange way, even now; I guess he’s starting to be jealous of my cup of thyme infusion that during these days has become my best friend. One cup for breakfast, one around 11am, one around 5pm – tea moment- and last one before going to bed. It may sound exaggerated, but I can assure you it works. Thyme is a natural antibacterial. It’s proved. It’s not a Blondie fantasy!! 🙂

Last week I spent 60% of my time on air and in airports and I guess my sickness is the result of that. Early alarm clocks (6:00 am…on average, that means there were also days I woke up at  5am), 12 hours shootings, long night trips to reach new and freezing  locations, etc. Anyway, I don’t like complaining, I do all this for a job that I love. I’m lucky. And when I think about that I feel great.

I leave you some backstage pictures of one job I did last week in Milano.

Renata Zanchi- Metamorphosis in progress in Milano

Renata Zanchi - Milano - Talking about my hair style of the curious!!

Renata Zanchi - Milano - This is the result, ready to film :-)

After Milan was Madrid…new city, new job, new look!!

Renata Zanchi - Madrid - Under David's magic hands!! Curly time :-)

Renata Zanchi - Madrid - Waiting for Make Up...and the miracle of the day!! :-) :-)

Renata Zanchi - Madrid - Waiting to start our shooting in a great mansion 'Willy Style' (Prince of Bel Air) :-)

Which look do you prefer?

Un abbraccio enorme a tutti.


2 thoughts on “Thyme addicted”

  1. Ciao Re
    Sn la sister della Bea…ti ricordi?
    Ti volevo chiedere… Ma sei tu nello spot M… con Luca e Paolo?
    Un abbraccio

    1. Mamma mia…ritardo stratosferico!! Non avevo visto il tuo messaggio, scusami tanto…:-(
      Certo che mi ricordo di te 🙂
      Sì ero io!!
      Spero che stiate tutti bene. Manda un abbracico enorme alla tua sorellina da parte mia 🙂
      Mille abbracci dalla Spagna.

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