Low Fat Easter

Hello world,

I imagine many of you have come back home to spend Easter with their families and friends. I hope you are having a good time with all the people you love. This year I’m spending my Easter holidays in Spain, you know what we say in Italian…‘Natale con i tuoi…Pasqua con chi vuoi’!! (Who can translate this? 🙂 ).

Yesterday on my way back home from the gym I bought the April issue of the Spanish magazine AR and I saw one of my beauty editorials inside. Here you have the pictures. I love the one on the scale! It’s funny. Ah! For your information…The scale was off!! 🙂 🙂 .

Have you already bought your Easter egg?! As always for these things I was late and couldn’t find a nice one. Only ‘boy-eggs’ (sorry for the word, but it was literally like that) were left. And honestly…I don’t want a car as surprise. Or a robot – even worse. There were only some white chocolate castles left 🙁 …and please…not to talk about the pink Hello Kitty. I guess my Prince would have never allowed me to enter the house with that! (For my huge pink Hello Kitty case he has already made an exception actually 🙂 !! ).

I send you a huge hug and wish you wonderful holidays!! Enjoy your families…your friends…the never-ending lunches and dinners…and yes…enjoy your Easter eggs!! Sigh sigh…So jealous!!



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