…to the location.

If a client likes you, he calls the agency and you get an option. This means you have been ‘potentially booked’ for the job. But this still doesn’t mean you are the final choice, not yet. For that you must wait for the client’s official confirmation. But let’s say that if you get an option you have good probabilities to get it. By putting models on option, a client ‘earns time’ and can concentrate on the organization of the whole shooting, choosing the right day (sometimes the shootings depends on the weather, in case of external locations), time, team, negotiate the rates with the agencies, etc. When everything is ready and decided, they confirm the girl/s and everything is official.

Sometimes the client asks to see the models -that are already on option- once again before the final confirmation. In Fashionlese (one of my neologism, from journalese) we call it callback.

Other times there is no need to organize a casting, I mean, can happen that the client/photographer etc already has his models in mind and wants to meet them before making the final choice. Or maybe he simply wants to see girls for future jobs. This is a special casting and we call it Go&See, literally ‘you go and see the client’. Also when models go on stage abroad for one or two weeks in particular foreign markets, such as the German one, they make Go&Sees every day.

Before the job, you are usually asked to try the clothes you are going to wear during the shooting. You are asked to do a fitting. This is very important, and is required especially for shows and tv commercials.

There is another important word in Fashionlese. Sometimes you live far away from the client and it’s impossible to meet him and take part in his castings. For example, you live in Barcelona, the client in New York and he confirms you a job.  In this case, you get a direct booking. You get the job without making a previous casting with the client. You simply fly to NY, do the job and come back to BCN.

Day by day your booker will inform you about your agenda, your daily schedule, with all your options, castings, go&sees, fittings, etc listed. All you have to do now is take your map, start running from one part of the city to the other and wait for the first confirmation, which will bring you to the most exciting place of all: the location.

Kisses from Barcelona world.

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