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As I said in my previous post, one of the things you will start to do as a model is going to castings. A casting is a selection process and it’s required when models, actors, TV presenters, etc are needed for an upcoming production. It’s an interview, as in normal life. First of all, every production is special; every client has its own requirements, and from this fact turns out that each casting is unique and different from all the others. But it’s also true that there is a basic distinction we could make ‘castingly’ speaking. This distinction is important, since according to the type of casting, you will be asked to do different things.

For print jobs –such as editorials, magazines, catalogues, campaigns, etc – you simply have to introduce yourself to the team, the photographer, the art director or anyone assisting the casting and show your book – your portfolio-, made up of your best pictures and jobs. Always leave a composit to the client. The composit is one of the most important tool in our job, it’s your personal card, and not only helps the client to remember you (there are usually from two to five picts in a composit, but each agency has its own style and rules), but it also lists your measurements, height, shoe and dress size, hair and eyes color, and contact of the agency. At the casting they usually also take some picts of you -until some years ago they used to take some Polaroid; nowadays, polas have been replaced by the digital camera-  to remember your face/body in ‘natural conditions’ (no make- up, natural hair, etc).

For a video casting you usually don’t need to show your book nor leave a composit. You are asked to act in front of the camera. The casting usually starts with a brief presentation of you followed by a performance of what would be the upcoming spot/role, etc.

Castings for fashion shows are completely another story. You show your book, leave your card and walk as if you were on the runway. Also in this case, if they like you, they will ask you to take a pola. All models always bring their high hills in their bag and it’s normal to see hundreds of girls changing their shoes before entering the door of the casting (And hundreds of guys looking at them doing that)!!

So,…our casting lesson is over. Hope you enyoyed it.

A big hug from Barcelona world.

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