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Hello world,

Job done! 🙂 The production drove directly from Denmark to Barcelona looking for sunny and good locations to shoot their spring-summer catalog. They showed me some pictures of their town they had taken before leaving: Denmark is completely covered with snow!! Everywhere is cold and white!! It’s amazing how weather can change with less than a 2 hours flight. I’m so lucky to be living here!!

My shooting day started @Starbucks!! I always love waking up earlier to go there, pick up my huuuuge double foam Latte and sip it while reaching the meeting point.

We had two long days, the first one up & down around the city and the second one on the mountains. I found out a great place, Montseny (I’ll be back there for sure, I loved it!), it’s less than 1H driving from the city and it’s amazing to practice sports, mountain-bike, climbing and picnic. It has been a sporty shooting actually!! And we moved from a location to the other with our bicycles!!! It was definitely a Sporty and Healthy shooting!!

I send a big hug to all of you. I have to go, time for gym now!!

Y como se dice aquí…¡Hasta a la proxima!



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  1. Cara Renata,abbiamo visto il tuo nuovo link. Ci uniamo a tutti gli ammiratori e ti auguriamo ancora tanta carriera e tanta fortuna. Passero e Berny

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