Getting ready for my shooting

Hello world,

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I loved mine: we went to a party -thanks God I don’t go out very often, I realized I am definitely not prepared for that-, spent time with my Prince and my little Giulio and had our usual Poker night with our friends. No need to say that I lost absolutely ALL. As always.


Anyway, it’s Monday! It’s time to think about the week that has just started. Tomorrow by this time –and for the next 3 days- I’ll be shooting for different clients. On my pre-shooting day I love spending time to get ready for it.

I usually start from a good home-made manicure and pedicure. Forget long and ‘sophisticated’ nails. In order and tidy, that’s the secret: nails must be short and squared. I usually varnish them with a thin coat of transparent, brilliant nail lacquer. They need to look natural.

Skin must be absolutely smooth. No need to say that we don’t get to the location ‘monkey style’. Got the message?! Gillette is a must-have in our case 🙂 , together with tweezers: eyebrows are very important and must also be in good conditions. You look much more beautiful when they are in order; your eyes look bigger 😉

I’ll go to the gym this afternoon. After my daily routine I’ll spend some time at the Spa, relax in the wet sauna (great to prepare your skin to receive the following treatments, since water vapors open skin pores), and apply a hydrating-luminescent mask on my face.

I’ll wash my hair again tomorrow morning, before leaving. So it will be fresh and more voluminous.

So: nails, toes, skin, eyebrows and hair! These steps are essential and we always find the time to check that everything is in order, even if we finish our shooting late and we have to travel from one location to the other.

It’s not unusual to see models filing their nails at the airports or at a casting. Today I’m lucky and I can do all this at home!!

OMG…I can’t believe…I was so concentrated on writing that I didn’t realize that Giulio found my nail-file…and destroyed it…no way…he’s definitely a model dog!!!!! I already suspected that…Have I ever told you that he loves posing?!?!? He’s all his mother!! 🙂 🙂

Big hug dear friends. I’ll tell you everything about my next days on Twitter @renatazanchi 🙂  Follow me! And write to me! I’ll be glad to read all your messages.

Un bacione a tutti. Thanks for being there.


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