3.000: I would haver never expected that

Hello world,

I’m just back from the gym. I feel tired but satisfied of my training and completely relaxed. Giulio can’t stop running from one part of the house to the other, he’s happy, this morning when he saw me packing the bag to go to the gym he was a little bit sad and started to cry, he was afraid I was leaving again. So cute!!

My shooting in Ireland was amazing. As I predicted, I found out a great culture, friendly people and an amazing nature. It’s incredible the noise we hear every single second of our day. We are not aware of that. In Ireland I shot on green hills, completely surrounded by nature…no noises. A never heard, stunning silence!! Anywhere I looked I could just see green! (If somebody is still wondering why Air Lingus has a clover as logo…:):)). I send a big hug from here to all my French team: Christian, Antonia, Wanda, Mark, Benedict and Liza, the other model, thank you very much to all, it was amazing working with you. Keep in touch!!

Anyway, I’m happy of being back to the big city, to my Barcelona.  I’ve already made some castings after my arrival and have confirmed jobs and options. I’ll leave again next week, but now I have some days to relax home and stay with our friends. By the way, tomorrow is going to be a great day!! My friend Barbara is getting married!! (Do you remember I said on Twitter that I was organizing her pre-marriage party?!) I and other 4 girls are going to be ‘damas de honor’; I have never been that before, I feel so excited. I can’t wait for seeing her in all her beauty. I hope not to cry –as always happens at marriages- Hey!! I’m a sensitive person!!

When I came back home from Shannon I received a nice surprise. And I have to thank all of you for that. I found 3.000 fans on my professional page on Facebook. I would have never expected that and without all of you this would have never been possible.

Siete meravigliosi, grazie tante per il vostro sostegno ed il vostro affetto.

You are great, thank you very much for your support and affection.

Vous êtes merveilleux, merci beaucoup pour votre soutien et votre amour.

Sois geniales, muchas gracias por vuestro soporte y por vuestro calor.

Sie sind wunderbar, vielen Dank für Ihre Unterstützung und Liebe.

A big hug to each one of my 3.000 fans. Love you all!


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