Bye Bye Asturies!

Hello world,

I still have one hour left before the boarding of my flight JKK6447 to Barcelona. I’m coming back from Oviedo, where -if you follow me on Twitter you already know:)- I’ve been for shooting an editorial for a Spanish magazine called Yoyce. The pictures are going to come out in October, can’t wait to see them. I had a nice time with my team: Ana, Carmen, Gabriele and José, thank you very much for all. Ademas, I send a special hug to Maria Eugenia, Ricardo and Alberto. I loved Oviedo, amazing landscape and the best arroz con leche ever.

It’s a nice day here in Asturies, sunny and warm, I’m looking outside the gate, our plane hasn’t arrived yet. There are many people leaving for their holidays – not as the other day in El Prat anyway. There is a nice old lady sitting next to me trying to read what I’m writing, she’s a little perplexed, I guess she doesn’t understand a word, or maybe she just feel curiosity about 20th century technology. The airport is a sad and a happy place at the same time. It’s happy when you see young people leaving for an holiday, or reaching home to see their families; sad when you see the opposite thing, when they leave and start thinking about going back to the office or leaving their families, thinking about when they will have the opportunity to see them again. This happens to me for example. I haven’t come back home for almost 3 months now and it starts to be a little bit heavy for me!! I mean, I have my life in Barcelona, my beloved job, my Prince and my Giulio, my friends, my routine, but hey…I am Italian!! I have to come back home sometimes to see LA MAMMA!!!! And go back feeling a child for a couple of days (Mangia mangia!! OMG!! :):)) I guess I’ll buy a ticket during the next days and try to go to see them for at least a weekend. I’ll check out my options for next week and plan my Italian days.

I just realized that people is angry because they announced a delay in our flight Hjdhjhjdhfdjhfjdkhfsjkdfh. It’s not much anyway, around 20 min. Hope it doesn’t get worse, also because Asturies airport is a small one, there are not so many shops to entertain yourself. I can say ADIOS SHOPPING for today. Oh no!! I can’t think about that, Sr. Pilot, pleaseeee, super jet speed?!?!?

Yesterday I heard about Zapatero and his decision to leave the government. I hope that this will bring a source of fresh air to Spain and that will start a period of change and prosperity and that the country will be able to face this crisis in a strong and solid way. This country deserves getting better.

I kiss all my readers, fans on FB, followers on Twitter and people in my circles on my super new profile on Google+.

Love you all.


PS. 14.16: Still waiting for our plane to arrive from Madrid, the lady has left and in her place I have a beautiful child that wants my little pink PC…UHM…

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