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Hello world,

I had such a great time in Palma. Amazing team and pictures, definitely a great job.

After my arriving back here in Barcelona I had such a busy period that only now I find the time to sit and write to all of you, finally! (Note: I’ll keep you updated of all my jobs as they come out, promise).

Patient, positive, confident and steadfast. These are the four most important features that in my opinion a good model must have.
There’s a huge work to do to become a professional model. Being beautiful is not enough. Of course, it’s an essential starting point, but don’t forget that you are not the only one model existing: in this world there’s a huge competition made up of thousands of girls coming from all parts of the world, as beautiful as you. Think for a moment of a seed: once planted, it needs to be watered and cared… every day. This is the only one way to get a beautiful tree. Beauty is the same: you need to take care of yourself. Go to the gym, eat healthy, drink a lot of water and sleep at least 7 hours a day. You have to be constant, to arrive in perfect conditions on the day of the shooting. The job is the top of a pyramid: don’t forget about the foundation of that.

Don’t be too strict with yourself and be confident, believe in what you want, in what you do, in your abilities and be positive. If you don’t get a job it’s maybe because in that particular moment you are not the profile they are looking for. You simply don’t match the briefing. Don’t get mad: save your energy for the next time. Every casting is an opportunity and could represent your next job.

And here we have arrived to another important thing: Patience. As in normal life, also in modeling it’s very difficult you get your dream job when you want it. You have to work on several fronts at the same time and wait, with patience, being also aware that maybe your day, -even if you have made everything in the most perfect way possible- could never arrive. A pinch of luck always helps, also in modeling.

Listen to the advices of your agent, be professional and keep your feet on the ground. Remember you are part of a team. You are working. Be on time, be nice with everybody and do your job. Never take anything for granted.

There’s still one last thing, maybe the most important: be yourself and smile! Always! Make your everyday life a little bit more pleasent.

I have to leave you for today.

Kisses from Barcelona world.

4 thoughts on “Be yourself”

  1. I am glad you opened this blog Renata! You will certainly provide precious advice to all aspiring models and a better perception of what being in the fashion business means!

    Take care


  2. I totally agree with you when you say a model should be “positive and confident”, qualities undoubtedly necessary. I would personally add to the list one or two more if you aspire to enter in the big league of modeling : humbleness and professionalism (on top of all a good dose of luck would not hurt).
    I personally believe there is a huge misperception among people regarding the fashion business as a whole and particularly on the role played by the models in it. Most of the people from the outside regards this profession as a way to make quick money without so much fuss: nothing could be further from the truth. As for the experiences I gathered around me to be a model requires a lot of sacrifice, a huge amount of hours spent in anonymous waiting room along with a thousand others as determined as you, if not more, trying to kill the time and the tension (which is comparable to that one experienced before being called for a university exam by the professor! Does that ring a bell!?!) and numberless hours spent travelling around the globe alone.


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