A woman in red

Hello world,

My alarm clock rang at 5am. I couldn’t believe, I was in the middle of the greatest dream ever and it seemed to me that I had been sleeping only one hour.
I had to be at Fiera Barcelona at 7:30am, so, you already know, 5am to prepare my strong black coffee, wash my hair, give a kiss to Giulio and arouse the energy to face the day.
At 7:30 I was there. Ready to shoot the new Liverpool TV commercial, for Mexico. Liverpool is like the Spanish El Corte Ingles, or the Italian La Rinascente, or the English Harrods, or Les Galeries Lafayette in Paris, etc etc.
They made me wonderful! The story was about a beautiful woman walking in the centre, slow camera, trying clothes in front of a mirror, spectacular curly hair, nice make up…and RED DRESS! (I loved that, I guess I should go to the shop and buy it).
There were so many people at the location, coming from all parts of the world: production, agency, clients, assistants, technicians, make- up and hair stylists, more than 40 extras (+ mums waiting for their daughters +boyfriends waiting for their girlfriends), stylists (that had to find the clothes for the 40), HUGE!!

The shooting was amazing and had fun, especially during lunch time, I laughed a lot with all the team of technicians. A great buffet, better than a restaurant, full of the best delicacies of the world. To tell you all the truth, it could have been a real ANTI-MODELING day. To give you an idea:
9am: croissants and biscuits and chocolate and coffee and…and…and
11am: break! Sandwich or bocata or…or…or
2pm: Lunch –no description, it would be too long for the blog
4pm: MERENDA!!! Break! Cake and candies and…and…and…
It was 7pm already and was waiting my turn to shoot the last scenes…
OMG… 8pm…9pm…relaxing…sleeping…I hear a voice in the hereafter saying:
OMG!! Dlkfgjhdlkjgdlfkjglkdfjgldkfjgdlfkjgdlfkjgdlfkgjdfkl
10pm: Dinner – another no description
OK, to tell you ALL of the ALL truth, there were also fruits and yoghurt, and other 20 ANDS of healthy things, so could be faithful to my diet. But the point is…this is completely UNFAIR!!
I’m joking. OK. I’m lucky, I love eating well and healthy. But as you can see, we make efforts to be as we are. I never believe people say: ‘NOO, that’s my metabolism, I eat a lot, all day, and all sweets, cakes, chocolates, but don’t get fat’ -BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIP- LIE! MENTIRA! BUGIA! In almost 15 years of modeling I have never met a RUBBISH FOOD MANIAC girl. Eat, yes, a lot, yes, but HEALTHY!!!! And important: go to the gym! UPS! By the way, I have to go!! Sport is waiting for me, I’m late!
A huge hug world.

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  1. Ciao Re, I would be very curious to know your dietary regimen although I am a stronger believer in gym & fitness benefits. I personally think for a model is a huge sacrifice not to eat always what you want. I recall an interview to Heidi Klum in which she confesses that everytime she was feeling hungry she used to eat an apple to fight her starvation crises!!! Oh gosh! is really that bad?!?

    take care


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