Back to my origins

Hello world,

I’m just back from the freezing Milano. I almost forgot how glamorous and smart this city is. Corso Vittorio Emanuele, the famous Duomo, all the exclusive boutiques and showrooms of the ‘triangolo della moda’, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, Prada,…all smart people, perfectly dressed, walking up and down from the offices in the centre, wow! You can see all the must have of the season there. You really should go for even just a crazy shopping weekend. But bring only cash with you, otherwise you run the risk of coming back with your credit card in red, fund less!!

I saw my family and spent some days with them. Back to my origins, eating Panettone to celebrate Christmas with mum, dad, my brothers, aunts and uncles…a typical Italian celebration, no one missing. Also Giulio –my little Chihuahua- enjoyed the holiday. I took him with me everywhere, even in La Rinascente, in 10 minutes he became the little star of the day.  

I also took him for a walk in the park near my parents’ house, where I spent all my childhood, playing with the children of the neighbourhood and my brothers. My mind went back to those lighthearted days. So many years and so many flying hours have passed. My eyes tried to find the places I loved best, looking for the swing, and the three trees where I used to hide when we played ‘nascondino’. But couldn’t find everything intact. As in my life, time has gone by there, too. They built a huge skating track and a little dog park. There is also a beautiful football ground. I remember my brothers playing there, two treed were the goal.

I’m back in Barcelona, arrived last night and have all my case to unpack. As you will imagine, when I travel for holidays I have the typical Italian case, with half home inside, full of clothes you perfectly know you will never wear, but that you bring…let’s say, to be sure, just in case.

I have to leave you world. I just wrote a short post to wish all of you a great new year.

From the deep of my heart, have a wonderful 2011 guys…health and love for everybody…and that all your wishes and plans become true.

Talk soon world. Renata Zanchi

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