Step 1: The Agency

Hello world,

Thinking about the recent piece of news reporting  the French Vogue  publishing  an editorial with max 8 years old children posing as if they were 35 years old women, I would say that very far away are the days where the best age to start this career was 18.  In my opinion, also thinking about my experience, I would say that the best age is 15, obviously always accompanied by a parent, a brother, an adult in general.

Anyway, once you decide to start modeling, the first thing to do is to introduce yourself to an agency. Some agencies receive people only on certain days of the week. Others don’t, so in theory means you can knock on their door at any time. Anyway, as a first step I always advise to call the agency to know the best moment to go there and meet the team.

There’s no need to wear neither 15cm high hills, nor sexy outfits or heavy make-up. Be the most natural possible.  Just to give you an idea, the first time I entered a model’s agency I was wearing a pair of jeans, a top, flat shoes and no make-up.

Choosing the right agency is fundamental. There are no absolute rules to take into consideration to find out which one the best for you is. Common sense always helps, even in modeling. If for example you are blonde, maybe it’s more likely to work a lot in an agency where there are only a few with your same features, rather than in one where there are 300 blonde  out of 350 girls represented, but this is not always like that. Sometimes you can consider the fact whether you prefer a more fashion (where the main business are fashion shows, editorials, etc) or a more commercial oriented agency (more focused on catalogues, tv commercials, etc). But most of the times this distinction is not so easy to do and understand, especially if you are new in the business. There are other things that in my opinion are much more important to consider. Generally speaking, it’s important the feeling you have with a team rather than another, to have the same point of view about the job and life, to feel comfortable with them, etc.  It’s true that confidence will be built up during the time, but the first impression is very important, from your side and –don’t forget – from the other.

The team will understand at once if you have something inside of you that can be found out (note that I wrote inside and not outside). As Riccardo Gay once said, ‘top model si nasce’ (“You are born top model”), even if there is obviously a huge work to do behind a top model.  You will be assigned to a booker, in simple words an agent and your principle point of reference inside the agency, for any matter. Your booker will be in charge of your daily schedule, will give you precious advices, will send you to castings, will negotiate your rates with the clients and generally speaking will play a great role in the good developing of your career.

You will start with doing some tests and taking part in professional shootings, to check how you move and pose in front of the camera, you will start to collect material for your book and piano piano, day by day, you will be more familiar with this new, amazing world.

You probably won’t be the only one new girl introducing herself to the agency when you arrive there. So sit down quietly and wait for your turn. Breathe, Be self confident, Bring a huge smile with you and as I always say, just be yourself.

Good luck!

Kisses from Barcelona world.

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