Ready for my new adventure

Hello world,

My taxi has just left me in front of Iberia Puente Aereo to Madrid. I’ve already checked in and sent my Hello Kitty case. I travel with the small one this time; I’m going to stay away just for a couple of days. I’ve been good, no ‘just in case’ clothes, but only ‘the strict necessary’. I hope not to get it completely destroyed as happened during one of my last trips. Let’s cross fingers!

I’m so sorry for my lack of updates of these last weeks. Holidays were on progress. Formentera is definitely THE paradise on earth. Blue sea, great landscape and pure air, just 1h flight from Barcelona. In addition, not less important, I felt at home, since 99% of the people on the island –bars and restaurants owners included- are Italian! It’s such a wired sensation to hear your mother tongue 24H on 24 in a foreign country. The funniest thing of all is that you meet friends you haven’t seen for ages there, on holidays, and not in Milano. The last time I had seen them was during my last staying on the island, actually . As somebody says, Formentera is an Italian island in Spanish land. Assolutamente vero!! Giulio also enjoyed his holidays and learnt to swim. He was a little bit afraid during the first 10sec, but he felt more confident at once and by the end of the day he was enjoying the sea and the waves. So much…that he kept on ‘dog style’ swimming even once outside the water, in your hands, as waiting to get his batteries replaced. Ah! And he loves sailing! He used to sit on top of the boat to get all fresh air on his face, a real salesman, or better, a real salesdog. Next step will be to but a tiny Chihuahua bathing suit, Marinero/Jean Paul Gautier Style!! Can you imagine?!?!

Holidays are already just a memory anyway, since as you can see I’m already 100% back to work. I feel good, with the right energy to face the new season and the new adventure that is getting closer and closer day by day. I still can’t reveal much about it, but I promise you will be the first to know as soon as time is mature. I’m so excited!! (Hem Hem, just to make things clear, before somebody asks: I’m not getting married and I’m not pregnant, ok? ). Bets are accepted, but I’m sure you won’t guess. I won’t make you wait long, I promise; I guess that already in my next post I’ll be ready to reveal my little secret, hot details included.

The plane has arrived. From my seat I can see my little case among all the others. They are treating it right. People are already on line waiting for the boarding. It’s a sunny day today in Barcelona and as far as I heard it’s going be sunny in Madrid, also. I love when the sun follows me during my trips. It’s the perfect day to fly today. I have to go…talk soon. In the meanwhile…Look up…who knows if I’m not on that tiny plane you are watching from your window right now.

I send you a big kiss from the sky. I love you all.


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