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During this week I was in Madrid for a job and couldn’t miss The Mercedes Benz Fashion Week: the most important designers, all Fall-Winter proposals for next season, 4 days of trends and glamour concentrated in 34 shows. Once again I was there to breathe the magic atmosphere of fashion. It was a big, or better, a huge surprise to see how many people recognized me from the TV show!! Pictures, autographs, somebody even remembered my jingle ‘Renata, Renata, Renata!’ and started to sing it! It’s funny because this has never happened in Barcelona. Some friends told me many times that this often happens in Madrid. Maybe because life there is more ‘red carpet’, the majority of the celebrities live in the capital, and people pay more attention to celebrities’ events and lives, what they do, where they live, etc. Actually, if I think well, I have never seen a Paparazzi in Barcelona…but I saw thousands in Madrid!! 🙂

Many people assisted this edition of the fashion week and I’m very happy about it. It’s important to support Spanish designers, especially when going through difficult times. I met many familiar faces, old friends, new ones…It was nice to exchange a few words with some ex-participants (and in some cases ex-losers 🙂 ) of the program, while waiting for the next show to start.

I loved the ‘Make your own T-Shirt’ initiative @ Vogue stand. I also made mine, of course! For the first time in my life I was designing my own shirt and have to admit I found out a new inspiration! I pretty liked the result after my ‘creative’ moment! Maybe one day I’ll design my own T-Shirt collection? Who knows…

The best collection of this edition was definitely signed by Teresa Helbig! This fact couldn’t be truer, since for the second time (she already won the prize last September) she’s the winner of the prestigious L’Oréal Paris Award for the best collection! I’m very happy for her and would like to send my personal congratulations from my blog to all the team!! Absolutely deserved. I loved anything of the last show, from the music to the tiniest detail of the outfits. I had the luck and the honor to try some of her models on occasion of the last Telva Awards in Madrid (Do you remember the white mini dress I wore at the Gala?). From the first moment I loved her style: ultra feminine, sexy and always elegant, made up of transparencies, little stones, feathers, leather mini dresses and shorts. Her collection welcome nude colors, black, light rose, in addition to wild green and fuchsia. Many other designers opted for the same colors, such as Sita Murt -another of my favorites-, who opted for coral as another trending colour for next Winter.

Siberian cold has reached all Europe, even Spain, where in some places –Such as La Molina- we are recording the coldest temperatures of the last 25 years. So, dear readers, anticipate fashion!! We have the perfect meteorological conditions to boast among all our friends our wisdom about the new trends for the next season!!!

So, I run to look for my old light rose fur jacket (ecological) and in the meanwhile I’ll make myself a cup of hot tea. Green one. Of course.



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