La bella Tenerife

Hello world,

The beginning of the New Year has been quite busy for me. If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you will know I’m just back home from many days spent away. First, I went to Tenerife. I stayed there for one week for an important Spanish magazine. It wasn’t my first time on the island, I already had been there several times for different German clients. Every time I go there I like it more. Tenerife and all Canaries are beautiful!! We shot 2 days on the beach and 2 days on El Teide (did you know it’s a world heritage site?). I loved the silence and the magical atmosphere of this volcano. It seemed to be on Mars, amazing.  Some stories were beauty (skin, body, hair, nails, etc), other were 100% fashion. For one I turned into Grace Kelly. I loved the shots and I’m looking forward to seeing them published. Here you have a picture of the team! From left to right: Paula (Model, from Russia), an Italian model I don’t know, Nerea (ph.), Maria (Make up & hair), Cristina (stylist), Cristina (model, from Barcelona) and Angelica (ph.). I loved the chicas team!!! From here I send a big hug to all of them.

Since I knew I was leaving a quite cold/winter place (Barcelona) for a spring one, my case was really ‘made in summer’ 😉 The temperature in Tenerife was mild and in spite of the wind you could wear a light summer jacket or a sweatshirt. I would like you to imagine what could be inside of my big pink Hello Kitty case: T-shirts, shorts, leggings, denim short skirt,…and bathing suits, of course. Ok, here comes my answer: what do you think happened the first day I was there? I mean, 12H after landing there? Yes! Exactly. My booker calls me and tells me that an important client just confirmed me a job for the following Monday, for which it would be reasonable to fly directly from there. Little detail: to Madrid!!! 4º!!! And no clothes!! OMG!! In the end I managed to survive: I wore all the t-shirts I had, sweatshirts, leggings underneath my jeans, really ‘layers style’!!! This will be a chapter in my book ‘the 100 craziest stories about modeling’. In the end, it was part of the fun!!!

I arrived back home 2 days ago. Giulio was euphoric when I entered the door. He couldn’t stop jumping. I guess he was thinking: ‘WOW!!! The blondy of the biscuits is back!! Yuyuyuyu Bau bau!!’ 😉

Now I’m back to my routine: castings, go&sees, taking care of myself. Actually I’m just back from the gym. You know I’m a sport addicted and I missed training during these days.

Tonight is the night of the clasico Madrid-Barça and I promised all my friends I would cook for everybody while watching the match together. Another little detail: still have to run to the supermarket!!! Uhm…Telepizza?!?

I blow a kiss to anyone of you. Thanks for being there.



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