Vivir mas es imposible

Hello world,

I hope you spent a great Semana Santa with your families and all the people you love.
I relaxed and recharged the batteries. I slept almost all the time, – I still can’t believe that-, and got brand new, ready to start again. Castings, gym -including the live broadcast of the royal wedding on TV while running-, supermarket,… I’m already back to normal life, 100%!!

My new Ron Matusalem Campaign is finally out. To see all the pictures, visit . There you can also find a link named ‘ver el video de la campaña’, with the making of and the new spot. Party girl, I love that!

I had so much fun during that shooting. The production took place last November here, in Barcelona, part of the shooting in the city, part in Sitges, on the beach. We laughed sooo much, especially on the second day, when me and Marcelo –the male model who took part in the campaign- had to dance. The music played so loud at the location, that rather than being at a location working, it seemed to be in a disco. They asked me about a song and without thinking twice I chose ‘The Rhythm of the Night’, by Corona. I couldn’t believe, do you remember that song? I was a baby when I first heard it! I used to dance in my room like crazy, being careful nobody could see me (I remind you that I have two older brothers, being discovered would have meant THE END) and dreaming of becoming a famous TV soubrette!!! What a nice memory. Well, on that day, I turned back to my childhood, to Italy, to my room, singing loud ‘This is the rhythm of the night…the night…oh yeah!!’ I found a great energy inside of me. Nothing could stop me at that moment; there were no painful/terribly high hills and no terribly short dress. It was just me, Corona and the camera. Wow!!
I felt free.

There has been a huge work behind this campaign and I am sure you will like the final result.
From my blog I would like to send a big hug to Toni Bernad and all Matusalem team. A real pleasure working with all of you.

And for you…my usual big hug from Barcelona, the city of the sun.
Have a great beginning of week everybody.


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